Back in 2012 Hamish found a surplus Fassmer CLR-C 7.2 davit launched lifeboat off a North Sea oil rig and refurbished it with re-claimed materials to a live-a-board.

The boat came with 61 seats, safety belts and portions of food and water to survive on the sea up to 14 days.

Today it is equipped with a kitchen, toilet, bed, a wood burner and lots and lots of tools.

The boat is designed for the “worst weather and sea conditions”.

After living on the London Canals for 4 years, Hamish and Ana crossed the channel to France to circumnavigate Europe’s inland waterways.

Since leaving London they’ve done 5000km on Europe’s Inland Waterways travelling at 8km\h from London to the Black Sea.

Over 3 years the voyage has encompassed 8 different rivers and 17 canals throughout 9 countries.

They’ve passed 500 locks, 7 lift or swing bridges and 5 tunnels.

Living off-grid using solar and wind power, whilst preferring wild-moorings to conventional marine facilities.

With half the journey complete the pair of boaters are making the retrun journey back to London.

A whole new exciting adventure.

The Voyage

The map above shows in orange the part of the voyage already completed:

5000 km throughout 9 countries, 8 rivers, 17 canals, 500 locks and 5 tunnels.

In green, the journey ahead:

8 countries, 5000km in two years.

The Crew


The Captain, environmental activist, and filmmaker.


The Crew, radio operator, architect and knitter

The Lifeboat

“Milda” sat on a North Sea oil rig platform as lifeboat #3 for many years until she was discomissioned.

Originally for 61 persons, she now has a kitchen, wc, bedroom, a small living area and many many tools.


Boat: Fassmer CLR-C 7.2

Size: 7.2 x 2.89m

Weight: 3200Kg

Engine: 30hp Lister Peter

Speed: 6Knots, 8Km/h

Multifuel stove: 4Kw Boatman

Solar panels: 240w, Bimble Solar

Windmill: Nemo 500w wind turbine

Batteries: 500Amp, Banner Batteries